Welcome to the Summit College Club Branch of the AAUW!

UPCOMING EVENTS – Save the dates!

August 18, 2020                                  Suffragists Speak:  The Fierce and Flawed Battle for the                                                                          Vote, virtual presentation

August 25, 2020                                  Virtual Panel Discussion on the film Iron Jawed Angels                                                                            about Alice Paul and fellow suffragists.

August 26, 2020                                  100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.  Virtual Women’s                                                                  Equality Day event hosted by NJ Women Vote

September 12, 2020                           Virtual Fall Opening.  Presentation on Key2Success by                                                                             member Jee-Hoon Krska

October 2020                                       Dodge Poetry Festival, virtual

November 8, 2020                              Virtual Celebration of 100th Anniversary of founding of                                                                          Summit College Club

January 2021                                       Documentary on John Lewis

April 2021                                             Book Sale

June 2021                                             Scholarship Awards Reception